Learn how to make amazing plant based recipes

I am here to see that your lawn, body and mind are full of plants.

Let me stuff your world.

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Understand your body.
Learn to nourish your life.

Discover your needs by combining foods that fit your personal dietary requirements. From beginner to seasoned culinary enthusiasts. get inspired in the kitchen.

  • Plant-Based Chef Certifications
  • Cleansing Retreats
  • One on One Coaching (clean up your kitchen and diet)

There will be brownies. There will be broccoli. There will be something that looks and tastes like gluttonous bread. But it’s not. Come discover the alternatives.

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Collaborations are magical.
Let’s share the love.

Chef Certifications, Personalized menus, food styling, & culinary education – I love to collaborate.  Let me supplement your special occasion.

“If a woman could see the Sparks of light going forth from her fingertips when she is cooking, and the energy that goes into the food she handles, she would realize how much of herself she imbues into the meals that she prepares for her tribe.”

  • Personal Chef
  • Teaching
  • Catering



  • Her passion and knowledge is infectious to a willing student. ”

    – AlI Stringer, Australia

  • Her passion for teaching and in-depth knowledge of super foods and herbs is a joy to experience. ”

    – Amber Zuckswert, EpicSelf

  • Katelyn stands among the very elite Chefs. She is dedicated entirely to her art and it comes through in every bit of her food.”

    – Daniel Finnerty, EpicSelf

My Story

A journey from chronic illness
to health and well-being.

After falling ill, frustrated with my health and the lack of support from the mainstream medical industry, I decided to weave my own path to wellness. I become devoted to healing my own body through natural foods.

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Recipes, tools
& resources

Lift your life to a new level.
Feel the difference – Start today.

Nourishing Recipes

Yummy recipes – Gluten-free, mostly sugar free, & overall FREE! Free from digestive discomfort, mood swings, blood-sugar crashes, and energy drains.

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Plant Fitness

As a plant-based runner and athlete, I want to help you discover why a plant-based, raw food diet will help you reach your limitless fitness potential.

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Travel Guide

Traveling with food allergies is super challenging. What do I eat? How do I stay on my healing path? I’m here to help you discover the adventure again!

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The Healing Power of Foods

Food is what crippled me, and food is also what healed me. Uncover all of the essentials to show you how powerful and healing foods can be.

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